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How to Use Find my iphone For Free to Track

Find my iPhone in iOS device works just like google find my device in android phones, with almost the same settings. Find my iPhone is an iCloud service that give back hope to iOS device users to track a lost.

Users of the expensive iOS operating system device now have the opportunity to recover a lost or stolen device. Find My iPhone is a tool that finds lost or stolen iPhones. It uses the built-in GPS or location services of the device to locate it on a map.

In this article, you will learn about find my iPhone app, find my iPhone offline, find my iPhone lost mode, how do i find my iPhone, find my iPhone iOS 13, find my iPhone from computer, find my iPhone last location.

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Just like google find my device, the find my iPhone locks a device or deletes all data from a device remotely over the internet to prevent a thief from accessing your confidential files or data. You can remotely play a sound or music on the device whenever the device is missing. Then pay attention and locate where the sound is coming from, easy-peasy right yes it is easy.

It is totally free to track and find your lost iPhone or any of the iOS device if you know to go about it.

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How activate find my iPhone setting

Normally the find my iPhone service is turned on by default on signing into your new iPhone. The very moment you logged in your Apple ID, the iCloud account immediately switch on the find my iPhone service. The service uses the built in GPS service on the device to map out in real time the location of the lost or misplaced device.

Any way you need to check and confirm that your find my iPhone setting is switched on. To check go to >Settings then click >Your Name then select >iCloud, a window will open with a list of all apps using iCloud. Now scroll down a bit and click on Find my iPhone.

After clicking on Find my iPhone you will be presented with option to turn on or turn off the iCloud setting. You want to turn it on so you click on the toggle button to turn it on if was off.

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Rear exceptions

In some Apple iOS versions you will be asked to turn on send last location this will enable you to locate the device even when it is off. The send last location comes to play and tell you when and where the phone was used last before the battery ran out.

The last part of this setting is to get another very secured device or computer and login your Apple ID. This will help you to keep track of events and updates on the device.

On doing this sometimes you can get notified to turn on your location, it’s fine just do so. It is to help you keep track of events when things goes sideways.

How to use the service to find your missing iPhone

Get that missing phone back now with this easy step by step guide using Find my iPhone iOS free tool. It’s easy just follow the steps below

  1. Open a web browser on your phone or computer, preferably use chrome browser or firefox.
  2. Then in the address bar type, wait for it to load then login with your Apple ID which is the same as iCloud account.
  3. Select find my iPhone among the list of apps in your iCloud space, you might need to re input your password.
  4. iCloud will locate your iPhone and other iOS devices that have been activated with Find my iPhone.
  5. All other devices will be displayed on a map in real time location indicated with green bold dots. The green bold green dots indicates that the device is online and some devices in are gray meaning they are offline.
  6. Now select the ALL DEVICE option, you will be presented with all list of device, now select your own.

last step you will be able to choose one of these functions below:

  • Play Sound:This option good if you suspect that your iPhone is nearby, select Play Sound and follow the sound.
  • Lost Mode: Locks and tracks your iPhone. You can as well display a message on the phones screen for the holder to contact you.
  • Erase iPhone: Remotely erases your personal information on the iPhone. This function is good if you have confidential files you don’t want to be exposed.


This is all about find my iPhone app, find my iPhone offline, find my iPhone lost mode, how do i find my iPhone, find my iPhone iOS 13, find my iPhone from computer, find my iPhone last location.

I hope this tutorial helps to find your lost iPhone and enjoy the free service. Please feel free to use the comment box if you are confused. And yes please don’t forget to share this article if you find it helpful.

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