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Mtn Unlimited Data Plan for 100 Naira

With mtn unlimited data plan for 100 naira has been a trending challenge to many today and still no reliable fact. Many are writing an article over matters as such but still can’t point out to a well positive direction to be followed.

I remember reading an article telling me that in not more than 30 seconds, I will be able to subscribe for unlimited data plan with #100. But the funny part of it was that I still could not get a hold of what the writer is sating.

Well enough of the stories, in this article I will be pointing out a few more things that will be very important to us all. Things like mtn unlimited data plan code, mtn data cheat, mtn double plan, mtn data plan 2021 and a few more.

To be able to subscribe to a network recharge offer or data offer, you will need to have access to some few things. Things like the network codes (e.g *121#, *131#, *567#), the network cheats or the network mobile app(My MTN App).

How Do I Get 10Gb With MTN #100

How do I get 10gb with MTN #100 is a very difficult question whose answer is kind of hard to be given. That’s what many writers have been saying for a very long time now, and still haven’t given their readers anything relevant.

Getting 10gb for #100 naira only is one of the cheapest mtn data plan so far that has ever been cracked down for users. Its kind of very interesting to be honest, that with as little as #100 naira I can flex almost a 10gb data plan.

The most fascinating thing about this data plan is not that it las t for only a day, 3 days or just a week oh. This is a data plan that last for a whole month, and how many days is that to be precise? That’s 30 days in whole.

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Oh boy did you hear that? I don’t think I would need any one to talk me into joining this federal party if I were you. To think that I can have this much data plan for so much little amount, this is the mtn cheapest data plan so far.

You can as well get unlimited data plan for 100 naira, but its all about the matter of eligibility and not everyone are eligible. That’s not a thing to be sad over, because there are other mtn unlimited data plan codes that might work for you.

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Do you know that you can get 10gb free without paying a pent? It doesn’t matter whether you are owing mtn or not. You will be given that free 10gb instantly and it is highly active and last for a very long period of time.

This mtn data plan 2019 is not a matter of eligibility, all mtn line are eligible new or old for as long as they are not 4g Sim cards. All you have to do is go to the nearest mtn store shop and have the Sim card upgraded to a 4g network.

You will need to go there with a valid national ID card or a valid voters card together with the sim you want to upgrade. A Sim card swap will be made where you will be given a new sim and will be credited with 10gb in the next 30minutes.

What Is The Code For MTN Unlimited Data

To get your own share of the mtn unlimited data, you need to know what is the code for mtn unlimited data first of all. You can’t just get credited without following the due process programmed to be followed to begin with.

Its good to know that this is quiet simple though, but this is far different from mtn unlimited data plan for 100 naira. In this aspect of mtn data cheat, from the being of the process to the very end is entirely free of charge.

I will be sharing with you how it is been done and how to get it done even more successfully without any fault. So just stay with me as I get to point out a few steps that will come a long way to be very useful to you.

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For one to be able to get access to any mtn unlimited data, that person must know what is the code for mtn unlimited data. Not just the code for mtn unlimited data plan but also how to make use of the code as well.

Here are some few things you need to know;

  • Go to your Dial Pad and Dial *567#.
  • Tap on option 5 on your screen display options.
  • You then choose option 9 as your next option.
  • You will receive an SMS .
  • Respond 1 to activate(for unlimited data).
  • Respond 2 to deactivate(if you happen to have a change of mind).

In case you could not get activated to this mtn unlimited data plan then know that you are not eligible to it. Its fine not to be eligible, it mean there are other network offers out there for people like you to join and experience a lot from.

How Can I Subscribe For MTN Unlimited Data Plan

To think of how can I subscribe for MTN unlimited data plan has been swept under the carpet for a very long time now. Unless you happen not to be a very social type and also one who is not up to date with recent updates.

Well the topic of mtn data cheat, mtn cheapest data plan, mtn unlimited data plan, mtn double data plan 2021 is no recent updates. Though there are quiet some few update regarding each of the above subject matter.

But to regard the entire subject matter in whole as something new is kind of wrong to someone familiar with them all. I will be given you a hint on how to get the whole procedure in a short and more comprehensive manner.

Here are the few steps you need to take note of when it comes to subscribing for mtn unlimited data plan;

  • Insert an active MTN line to your phone.
  • Recharge the MTN line with the preferred for the data plan.
  • Go to your Dial Pad and Dial the code *567*59# OR
  • Send an SMS for the data plan you want to 567.
  • A screen will appear asking you to confirm your purchase.
  • Choose 1 for auto renewal.
  • Choose 2 opt once.
  • Choose 3 to cancel the subscription.

By doing so and following the above mentioned steps, you can count your attempt for mtn unlimited data plan as a success. Its very simple and easy to do, the whole process is legal and safe for you to always get involve in.

Like I said before, don’t get discouraged once you realize that you are not eligible to this very particular mtn plan. There are other lots and lots of plans out there for you to venture into and and experience a lot from at any time.

How To Subscribe For MTN 100

There are few ways to which one can get to do away with the issue of how to subscribe for mtn 100 naira. Its not entirely a hard task for many people today to subscribe for mtn DAT using 100 naira recharge card.

The question here is what kind of mtn data plan are you after? Is it a daily plan, 3 days plan, weekly plan or monthly plan? Why am asking this is because, the more data you go after with 100 naira the lesser the days allocated to it.

For instance, I might be given 50mb at the rate of #100 for a week, but lesser mb will be given to me if the number of days are extended. So you see, it depends on what you are actually after in the first place.

There is also what we call the mtn double data, which allows you to get credited with the data you choose and also get an extra data. Normally the extra data is in the same amount with the normal data you happen to purchase.

But the expiration date of the data defers from the extra doubled data is bound to expire first before the purchased data. This is kind of an added advantage to anyone that happens to be using this exact pattern of subscription.

To subscribe for mtn 100, you will need to take note of the listed steps below;

  • Insert an active MTN line.
  • Recharge the line with 100# airtime.
  • Dial *131# OR
  • Better still Dial *121#(for cheaper offer).
  • Choose option 1 for Data plans.
  • Select option 1 for daily plans.
  • Tap on option 2 for 100mb at #100 OR
  • Tap option 3 for 350mb at #100( for IG&TIKTOK).

By following the above mentioned steps, you will be able to successfully register for mtn 100 naira without any problem. The good thing about this offer is that it is open to all mtn line both new and old for as long as it is active.


Mtn unlimited data plan today has brought a lot of smile to the face of many masses and has ease them of a lot. Imaging getting what you needed to have been paying for, for months or probably even up to a year.

Recharging our line today has been a burden to many, where will I get money to recharge, will this #100 be enough for me? All these sort of troubling and terrifying questions that has been on our neck is no more.

Because mtn data cheats have brought useful way out that us very stress less to all Mtn line users all over. With or without having to recharge your line, there is always an offer and there will always be an offer for you.

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